From the highest of highs, to the lowest of lows

So here i go, i have just flown across the Pacific ocean for17 odd hours. I have made it.

When i got off my flight it still hadn’t sunk in that i was here alone. I would say something out loud to myself and look around for my mates to laugh at my “extremely whitty homour that i have” (i joke I joke) but no one is there to tell  me “that’s such a dad joke, seany” – so i mumbled it too myself.

Considering I traveled to South America the previous year with 4 friends i was fairly familiar with LAX airport, cause we stopped through here.
But if you havent been here before, my gosh,  this airport is bloody huge!!!  it took me some time to find my bearings and workout where to get my bags and all my gear.
I had more luggage then some of my close female friends, and so a heap of equipment.  Fair to say i over packed.
i had a  massive bag of clothes, a guitar, a cajon and all my mic leads.
NANA JUDY where very kind in helping me out with some amazing threads to get me by whilst i was over there, so I was looking hot to trot!

Once i finally found all my stuff at the carousel i had to go get my RV.  I hired the RV from a suburb called hawthorne. I jumped in to taxi  with all my gear and went on to pick up my mobile home away from home. I was so excited.

When I got there i walked into the office, the lady was a young brunnete with a strong american accent,  “can i help you there boi” she says.
Now everyone knows as an aussie as soon as you talk over there a few things happen.
1. Becuase i talk with a thick aussie/bogan/typical aussie bloke accent, i am quickly reminded that im not from around town. ” oh your not from around here, let me guess, your from New Zealand?”   I said “Umm nah, im from straya” she said “straya, where is that?” I quickly slowed my speach down and said AUSTRALIA.
2. Most of the time we (aussies) tend to talk to fast, so I found i had to slow down my speach in order for her to understand  anything and everything i said.
3. So i get asked if i have ridden a kangaroo, which i like to say “yeh we used to ride them to school  but when the etag came in the kangaroos lodged complaints about us sticking Etags on their heads!” “So now we drive cars and eat kangaroos”

But all jokes aside after some small talk the lady showed me my RV…. bare in mind i havent ever driven on the other side of the road, let alone in this monster van and being alone. This was going to be such a challenge, lucky i have an extensive range of music on  my samsung galaxy that will hopefully keep me company!

I still remember starting this beast of a van and turning out of the yard. ” stay on the right side of the road, sean.” & “When in doubt follow the guy in front of me”  these little steps are what i though might help get me through the first few days until i get a better understanding of the roads but I didnt start off very well.

I tried the ole “follow the guy in front of me thing”, but little did i know this guy turned in the opposite direction to what i thought i was going. 20 min later i was thinking, “surely the beach isnt too far from here, I better check google”
Good old seany marchetti,  on a trip to “discover himself” has started off with flying colours… im lost!

This is going to be harder then i thought.

The most challenging thing for me, i felt, was  not having a plan of attack or any thing lined up. This proved to be my biggest lesson and when I look back now my greatest Achievement. I had met a couple of girls on my trip last time and they said i could stay a couple of nights with them, so I headed to theirs to start off. They would soon show me some venues i could approach and give me some valuable networks who might be able to assist me with playing some gigs and showing me around.

But unfortunately back at home my grandfather, who was like a father figure to me, was on his death bed. Little did I know,  the next few days would prove to be the most challenging time for me.  I was so very far from home and felt like i needed to be there for him, i felt like i had let him down by not being with him for his last few days. “Is he proud of me, have a done the right thing by leaving” these thoughts were playing on my mind constantly. 2 days later and barley a week in to my trip to discover myself and who i what ti become, the very man who helped shape the person i am passed away and my whole trip was turned upside down.

How do i go on from this… (attached is a picture of my Pepe and my nan from dec 2013, i remember telling him my plans to go overseas and i remember being so happy i got to share xmas with him)

Here is a passage i wrote that my family read on behalf of me at his funeral

waking up to find out my grandfather has passed is tough news to read when your on the other side of the world.

RIP Frank Marchetti Aka Pepe and for me aka Dad (no.2)
There was a time in my life when everyone had given up on me, I was pretty much at rock bottom, kicked out of school into drugs, in an out of police departments and constantly being involved in circles that kids my age shouldn’t. But you stood tall and looked after me and kept giving me love and support and a clip around the ears (on many occasions) the hole way. I was blessed to have the privilege to live in your home like a son for years, we laughed, we cried and by god we fought but my respect and appreciation for the 2nd chance in life you have given me  will remain in my heart for the rest of eternity. I have become The man I am today threw the guidance and support and love  u taught me, growing up. I will miss trying to explain something to you six times before you hear what I said then tell me I shouldn’t do it… But then wink at me an give me $50 heh eh. You were a hard man, but fair!!

Rest in peace PEPE, your strong willed and hard edge character is a trait a will take with me on my journey thru this life and I know that you will be looking down on all of us from your truck in heaven. 

You can rest now. X

I love u

Sean Marchetti - Live acoustic artist and musician from Australia.

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  1. Aunty Leonie Smyth 3 years ago

    We are all so so proud of you Sean, you have come such a long way, Pepe is looking down with such pride, I just hope you see the amazing man, that you have turned into, cause we all do, love you heaps Seany. xxxx

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