its hard to eat clean when your a musician

Super excited to have caught up with my dear friend Nic Davidson this morning and chat about his exciting new health brand, Matcha Maiden.

Being a musician it is extremely hard to stay committed to eating healthy.  I mean i try, but always seem to fail at some stage because of how easy it is to order a parma, or a burger cause we get it for free and it is quick an easy..  but lately i have really been challenging myself to stay on top of my need to eat fatty foods and go down the clean eating path and with clean eating and general health and fitness on high focus for me (and the general public these days) i couldnt think of a better time to understand the benefits of this exciting new business venture that is growing rapidly.

Now you can mix this green powder through smoothies and add it into recipes of your choice to boost you full of “matcha goodness”
check out for all recipes and info.

So what is matcha?
Matcha is 100% natural green tea leaves stone ground down into a fine powder. In other words, it is green tea 2.0 – it can have up to 137 x the antioxidants of regular green tea!!! It is traditionally consumed as part of the Japanese tea ceremony and has been used by Buddhist monks for its many benefits for thousands of years. Matcha Maiden’s uses only the highest quality tea leaves in her Mix N Matcha Blend. Unlike many other products, the Mix N Matcha blend is Japanese-certified organic – the perfect daily hit of health!

And what are the benefits?
Green tea is consumed worldwide for its many health benefits. Being a concentrated form of green tea, matcha packs a concentrated punch of the vitamins, minerals and metabolism-enhancing, mind-focusing, immune-boosting, detoxifying goodness of green tea that your body loves. One serve is equivalent to up to 10 cups of green tea. With lower levels of caffeine and no jitters due to L-theanine, matcha is a natural alternative to coffee – a delicious and nutritious fuel for the mind, body and soul.




Was great to catch up with ya ledge, the smoothie we had was terrific, now i  have my Matcha Maiden i will definitely be adding it to my day to day meals.


Sean Marchetti - Live acoustic artist and musician from Australia.


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