My EP Launch

We did it. Finally after all the preparation and hard work behind the scenes we got it all together on the night and delivered a tremendous effort.

The build up was epic, I didn’t release how much hard work goes into so many areas of preparation and marketing until I finished this event.
The nerves, the anxiety and the excitement leading into this night almost consumed me at certain stages coming into this Launch but after it was finished the feeling of satisfaction and pride is significant.

The early morning radio station interviews and the live performances for community stations were so much fun and made me realise why I wanna be a musician- to share my story and my music to everyone and hopefully my lyrics resonate with each person that hears my tunes and each song means something to each individual.

Leading into the night the efforts made by everyone helping me were enormous. I couldn’t of got it all done without Rebecca Mulgrew, Helen Reizer and my partner Sophia.
On the night the effort was special as well and I want to thank everyone that helped out on with certain things inc lighting, sound, EP sales, photos, videos and a stack more… Your work on the night was greatly appreciated.

My band and support act were incredible.
Jaymie deboucherville opened the night and set the vibe from the start. His ability to set a great mood helped make it such a special event and I wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart and to your band for your efforts and performance.
My band – what can I say. Andy Fisenden on drums, Peron Lan on guitar, Duncan Kinnel on keys, Claire Cross on bass… Enough said. It was such a blessing to be able to share the stage with such incredible artist and fantastic people. You guys rocked it.

And lastly thank you to everyone who came down on the night.
I was worried about the size of the place, being so large but it was an epic turn out. To have 350 people come out on a Wednesday night to support my stuff is a moment I will never forget and one I will cherish for ever. Without you all there the night and the vibe wouldn’t of been what it was. So thanks again.

So many questions in my mind… Where to from here? What’s next? Will people like my music….?
Well one thing I have learned over the years is not worry about things I can’t control and enjoy the ride.

THE YARRA STREET PROJECT- available on iTunes or google play.
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Sean Marchetti - Live acoustic artist and musician from Australia.


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