My Song to My Grandfather

This is a special release. I wrote this song for my grandfather when he passed away whilst I was overseas last year. This was very hard to record let alone put this up for you to hear because its such a personal song to me and a personal thank you to someone who has ALWAYS been there for me.

I didnt put this on my EP but we recorded an acoustic version, so hear it is!

The full band version will be on the album next year- hopefully you like.

here is the link to the song:  Me without you- PEPE


This was my msg to him the day he passed away.

Waking up to find out my grandfather has passed was tough news to read when your on the other side of the world.

RIP Frank Marchetti Aka Pepe and for me aka Dad (no.2)
There was a time in my life when everyone had given up on me, I was pretty much at rock bottom, kicked out of school into drugs, in an out of police departments and constantly being involved in circles that kids my age shouldn’t. But you stood tall and looked after me and kept giving me love and support and a clip around the ears (on many occasions) the hole way. I was blessed to have the privilege to live in your home like a son for years, we laughed, we cried and by god we fought but my respect and appreciation for the 2nd chance in life you have given me will remain in my heart for the rest of eternity. I have become The man I am today threw the guidance and support and love u taught me, growing up. I will miss trying to explain something to you six times before you hear what I said then tell me I shouldn’t do it… But then wink at me an give me $50 heh eh. You were a hard man, but fair!!

Rest in peace PEPE, your strong willed and hard edge character is a trait a will take with me on my journey thru this life and I know that you will be looking down on all of us from your truck in heaven.

I hope your proud of me X



Sean Marchetti - Live acoustic artist and musician from Australia.


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